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Discussion for the 850 micron Camera White Paper - Transient Events

Lead Author(s): Steve Mairs

Those willing to provide input to the White Paper:

  • Gregory Herczeg
  • Doug Johnstone
  • Yuri Aikawa
  • Vivien Chen
  • Geoff Bower
  • Jeong-Eun Lee
  • Jenny Hatchell
  • Tim Naylor
  • Peter Scicluna
  • Alex Scholz
  • Gary Fuller
  • Shigehisa Takakuwa
  • Koichiro Sugiyama
  • Tie Liu
  • Dimitris Stamatellos

Link to White Paper (view only; work in progress. To gain edit privileges, please contact Steve Mairs): https://www.overleaf.com/read/ksbptwzzkrpj

Guide to the new Camera specifications:


Final copy

A final copy of the Transient publication can be found here (updated: 20190708)


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