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 * Gary Fuller

Discussion for the 850 micron Camera White Paper - Cold cores and filaments

Lead author: Tie Liu, Di Li

Interested Authors:

  • David Eden
  • Derek Ward-Thompson
  • James Di Francesco
  • Jinhua He
  • Sungju Kang
  • Woojin Kwon
  • Patricio Sanhueza
  • Archana Soam
  • Sarah Sadavoy
  • R. Isabelle
  • Kee-Tae Kim
  • Ken Tatematsu
  • Naomi Hirano
  • John Richer
  • Jinjin Xie
  • Gary Fuller
  • We have created a template document on Overleaf. Feel free to view and edit this document using the following link:


Guide to the new Camera specifications:



co-authors to view the document (with no editing privileges), use this link, below:

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