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This wiki is designed to aid in the ongoing discussion of the future of sub-mm astronomy within the East Asian Observatory. This wiki has been created on the back of the 2019 EAO Sub-mm Futures Meeting held at PMO, Nanjing, China. The main topics that were discussed at the meeting were:

White Papers will be written to show comunity demand for new instrumentation at the JCMT. Submission deadline: June 30th, 2019. Links to the individual White Paper pages can be found here for the Continuum science case:

Guide to the new 850micron Camera specifications:


Notes on writing White Papers

We thank you for supporting the writing of such important documents - White Papers in Support of a new 850 micron MKID continum Camera at the JCMT. The dealine for the white papers is June 30th.

If there is demand to write seperate/standalone White Papers specific for the case for Heterodyne instrumentation please use the following links: Galaxies, Star formation, Gas polarization.

Example White Papers

For example White Papers visit feel free to look at the East Asian Vision for mm/submm VLBI White Paper and the SCUBA-2 White Paper "The Submillimeter Universe" by Scott et al. In addition links to the Science White papers submitted to Astro2020 Decadal Survey.

Questions to answer int he White Papers:

IntroductionGeneral overview of the science:What are the motivating scientific questions to be answered?What is the impact (or potential impact) of applied JCMT data?Current WorkOverview of Current Work:What is the current status of answering the motivating questions introduced in the previoussection?Is there a JCMT Large Program that attempts to address these questions?What synergies exist with other facilities/wavelengths?Future WorkThe Next 5-10 Years:How can this work be furthered with new instrumentation? Assuming a factor of 10 increase inmapping speed at 850 microns, how would this work be affected? Assuming an increase inpolarisation mapping speed of 20 times, how would this work be affected?Does your team have a plan for initiating or extending a large program?Are there any additional requirements of the new instruments that are necessary to address themotivating scientific questions?Comment on JCMT’s role in your research in terms of data obtained using othertelescopes/facilities (including plans to make use facilities coming online in the near-future).

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