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 * [[White Paper East Asia VLBI]]  * [[East Asia VLBI]]

EAO Sub-mm Futures White Papers Discussion Wiki

This wiki is designed to aid in the ongoing discussion of the future of sub-mm astronomy within the East Asian Observatory. This wiki has been created on the back of the 2019 EAO Sub-mm Futures Meeting held at PMO, Nanjing, China. The main topics that were discussed at the meeting were:

White Papers will be written to show community demand for new instrumentation at the JCMT. Submission deadline: June 30th, 2019. Links to the individual White Paper pages can be found here for the Continuum science case:

EAO Futures White Paper Latex Template: EAOWhitePaperTemplate.zip

Guide to the new 850micron Camera specifications:


Notes on writing White Papers

We thank you for supporting the writing of such important documents - White Papers in Support of a new 850 micron MKID continum Camera at the JCMT. The dealine for the white papers is June 30th.

  • nine page limit
  • Focus of paper on what can be achived with a new 850 micron MKID continum Camera
  • Devote less than two pages to potential - future upgrades such as the 450 micron and heterodyne demands.

If there is demand to write seperate/standalone White Papers specific for the case for Heterodyne instrumentation please use the following links: Galaxies, Star formation, Gas polarization.

Example White Papers

For example White Papers visit feel free to look at the East Asian Vision for mm/submm VLBI White Paper and the SCUBA-2 White Paper "The Submillimeter Universe" by Scott et al. In addition links to the Science White papers submitted to Astro2020 Decadal Survey.

Questions to answer in the White Papers:


General overview of the science:

  • What are the motivating scientific questions to be answered?
  • What is the impact (or potential impact) of applied JCMT data?

Current Work

Overview of Current Work:

  • What is the current status of answering the motivating questions introduced in the previoussection?
  • Is there a JCMT Large Program that attempts to address these questions?
  • What synergies exist with other facilities/wavelengths?

Future Work

The Next 5-10 Years:

  • How can this work be furthered with new instrumentation?
  • Assuming a factor of 10 increase inmapping speed at 850 microns, how would this work be affected?
  • Assuming an increase inpolarisation mapping speed of 20 times, how would this work be affected?
  • Does your team have a plan for initiating or extending a large program?
  • Are there any additional requirements of the new instruments that are necessary to address themotivating scientific questions?
  • Comment on JCMT’s role in your research in terms of data obtained using othertelescopes/facilities (including plans to make use facilities coming online in the near-future).

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